Leather can be ordered through this e-commerce site, by selecting products, colours and quantities. Once placed in the cart, payment can be made after creating your account and selecting the desired delivery address.

Alternatively, a WhatsApp number is also active for orders and information relating to products and services.

We can accept payment with all major credit cards through the NEXI circuit and we accept payment with PAYPAL.
Alternatively, we also accept bank transfers, in this case the order and its shipment remain pending until payment is received.

When an order is confirmed and payment is received, we guarantee delivery to the courier within a maximum of 48 hours.
We use couriers whose delivery delays vary from area to area and according to the service chosen, in any case each shipment has a tracking code that can be checked online to know the status of your shipments at any time.

We sell to companies, artisans and individuals all over the world.

There are no minimum quantities, even one skin can be delivered.

We sell per skin and not per m2, so all the prices indicated on the site are per skin.

Yes, there is a specific colour chart for each item, and it is sold separately. When the chart is purchased, its cost is discounted by the next order.
This is why we recommend prior purchase of it.

Gruppo Vecchia Toscana is always committed to guaranteeing the highest quality standards with the most care to details.
In case of defective leather or leather that does not correspond to the description provided, we can accept returns.
Returns are accepted within 5 working days of the date of receipt and transport costs are at sender’s charge.

The return is considered accepted only with the following conditions:

  • The leather must be returned in the exact condition in which it was delivered without any sign of manipulation and preferably with original packaging. The leather cannot be returned if cut or modified in any way.
  • The refund will be made within 5 days of receipt of the return and after verification and acceptance of the defect by our quality department.

If you have a return to make, we suggest you contact us directly.

Our shipping rates are based directly on DHL / UPS / FEDEX services and are automatically calculated based on the weight, size, value and destination address.

When an order is placed, the leather is immediately prepared and shipped within 48 hours.
At the time of shipment, a confirmation email is sent with the link to track the shipment.

Yes, to purchase it is necessary to register and enter the billing and shipping data.
Once the credentials are activated, everything will be much simpler and faster for future orders.

You can do this via the link at the top of the home page, or you can do it later after completing your order in the cart.

Yes, it is possible to modify or cancel an order, but we remind you that it can only be done before it is delivered to the courier. After that it will no longer be possible to change or cancel it.
We suggest you contact us for all information.

We sell and ship all over the world, both to companies and individuals, this means that in some cases VAT has to be applied, in others not.
If you need to buy exempt of VAT, we recommend that you contact us before placing your order.

Generally, there is no leather suitable for a single purpose, in fact often the same type of leather can be used in more than one way. In any event, what we do is to give suggestions for use, designed in relation to the type of tanning, the finishing, the thickness, the size and other technical qualities.

Yes, they can be consulted and downloaded directly from the site on each product page, they are supplied together with the colour chart or you can request them by contacting us via email or WhatsApp.

The leather we have available is carefully selected by our quality control staff and the cutability percentage is carefully evaluated.
Selection B has a cutability of 50% on the skin and is particularly suitable for the production of small leather goods or small-sized artifacts.
Selection A has a cutability of 70% per skin and is suitable for the creation of large bags or in any case for large products.

Yes, it is possible to buy with VAT exemption by entering the VAT number.
Attention: The VAT number entered must be registered in the VIES register. This allows us to check the correctness of the data entered by our accounting department, if any anomalies are found, you will be contacted by email and your order will be suspended.

Unless you decide to use your forwarder, for shipments outside the European community, the cost includes shipping, duties and taxes at destination.
The goods will be shipped with DDP term so you will receive the leather without any further charge for customs clearance or taxes.

Yes, of course, it is possible to place orders for leather until the stock runs out.
If the order is more than 20-25 skins per item / color, we suggest contacting us before confirming it, in this case it might be more advantageous to proceed with the production of a small batch in order to have a lower price.